About Me

I started fostering dogs in 2007.  In the beginning, I fostered just one dog at a time.  But I quickly grew to love fostering, and soon began fostering multiple dogs at a time, and even a few cats.  I live in a log cabin in the country, and I usually have between two and four foster dogs at a time.  Some of them stay only a few days, while others are here for several months.  I have one dog of my own - a deaf Great Pyrenees mix named Nova.  We participate in the dog sport of dock diving, and sometimes Nova even decides to jump into the water.  We're not any good at it, but we have a good time!

When I first started fostering, I didn't know a lot about dogs.  So I went back to school and got a diploma of Dog Training from CASI so I could work with my foster dogs to make them more adoptable.  In spite of having a cat of my own, and having fostered several cats, I still know basically nothing about cats.  I now volunteer as the webmaster and Dog Foster Intake Coordinator with All Paws Rescue.  I foster all breeds and types of dogs, and have a special affinity for deaf dogs.  In addition to fostering dogs (and occasionally cats), I stay busy with a full-time job as an IT analyst and I participate in wilderness Search and Rescue with CSARA - Canine Search and Rescue Association of St. Louis, and urban Search and Rescue with Missouri Task Force 1.  This hasn't left much time for keeping up with my blog, but I have good intentions to do so going forward!