Monday, August 3, 2009

And the winner is....

For those of you who entered the contest to see which of my cat fosters would be adopted next, we have a three-way tie! Since they were all three adopted on the same day, and I wasn't there so I'm not sure who actually filled out the paperwork first, I'm declaring that if you voted for Mercury, Solara or Capri, you get bragging rights! So go ahead, leave a comment and brag about how you KNEW who would go next, and why! And if you actually adopted Mercury, Capri or Solara, you get extra bragging rights! :-)

So now my Disney litter is adopted, and my Solar System litter is adopted, and I only have three kittens from my Sea Litter and a few adults left. If you liked the last game and want to play again, just vote again for whomever you think will be adopted next! Here's a hint about the cats/kittens that I am still fostering:

Scribbles - Unless you're planning to adopt her or know someone who is, you should consider this the long shot. She's not good at PetSmart (she gets stressed out and hisses at people) so unless someone sees her online and applies for her, she doesn't have such a good chance of being adopted.

Artemis - Another adult, and a black cat at that - his odds would normally be lower as well. (Is it wrong to talk about adopting cats in terms of odds? Lighten up, its all in fun) :-) Artemis might have a secret advantage though, like Solara did. He might get to go stay at PetSmart someday soon and then people would be able to see him all during the week instead of just on Saturdays. Also, he gives hugs, and how many cats do you know who give really good hugs? Seriously, his hugs are better than most cats who give hugs, so if you don't believe me come visit him at PetSmart on Saturday and hug him for yourself!

Marco & Polo - I thought these guys would be adopted quick - they're gorgeous, all white, long-haired, front declawed cats. They're also affectionate and sweet. But they're a little older (seven years) and for whatever reason, they're taking awhile to find a home. They're ready to start coming to PetSmart again too though and should be there on Saturday, so maybe they'll be the ones to go next.

Chessie - She's the comical relief around my house - well, her and Noelle. She's always doing something to entertain people, and she loves to play. She's also pretty cute!

Cabbie - Adorable kitten with a racing stripe down his back (really! Julie saw it). He loves everyone and is very easy-going and friendly.

Cilla - Easiest kitten ever - she's the most laid-back, lazy, easy-going, affectionate kitten I've ever had - she's a bit shy around big dogs or scary situations but she's super sweet.

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