Saturday, August 29, 2009

Missing Cat

I lost a cat.  Don't worry, she's not in any danger.  She's somewhere in my house.  I just can't find her.  She can't have gone far, and by the time you read this I'm sure she'll have turned up.  But I felt that it was important for those of you who only have dogs to realize how different cats are. I tend to lose cats on a regular basis.  In fact some cat fosters claim that their cats know the days of the week and on weekend mornings when its time to load up in the cat carriers for adoption events, they always know to disappear. 

As a dog lover, I have trouble with the independent attitude of cats.  I am used to never having to look for dogs.  They're almost always sitting at my feet, or in my lap.  I can't even go into the bathroom without them insisting on following me.  If a dog ever wanders away it only takes one word from me, like "Hello?" to send them scrambling to get back to me and see what they're missing.  Dogs are loyal like that.  Cats on the other hand, have selective hearing.  In fact, I often don't see a lot of difference in the cats who can hear and Marco, my previous foster cat who was deaf.  They pretty much all ignore me when I talk to them.  Oh, it doesn't stop me from talking to them.  Or from going from room to room calling their name, and expecting them to come running.  I am a dog person, and this is what I expect.  But time and time again, cats disappoint me.  They're independent, and they prefer to do just about anything rather than come running everytime I call.  Except this guy. 
Artemis doesn't know he's supposed to be standoffish.  He is happy to come running when I call him.  Unless he's sleeping and really really comfortable - but I can't count that against him. I feel like that most mornings when my alarm goes off.  Please don't tell Artemis that he's not acting like a proper cat.  I like him just the way he is. 

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