Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Camera

I have become more interested in photography recently, and just bought my first digital SLR camera. Basically this is a fancier version of a point-n-shoot camera like the one I used to use, and it will let me use more manual settings to get more interesting photos. Unfortunately until I figure out how to work it, the majority of my pictures are going to turn out blurry. This camera really makes me appreciate the awesome photography of my other blogging friends. I can safely say their awesome pictures are due to the photographer's skill, not the camera. I hope with some practice my picture-taking abilities will get better. And in the meantime, you'll see a lot more pictures on my blog as I practice using the new camera.

Remi, my 3-year-old Great Dane

This is Hobbes, one of my foster puppies. He looks sad to me in this picture. It's those Basset eyes. They just look pathetic. It's hard to foster a puppy with Basset eyes without constantly taking them into your arms and giving them attention.
Yesterday Hobbes finally caught up with his brother Calvin and learned how to go down the stairs! Now they can both run up and down stairs with the big dogs to go outside, and with their little short legs, its pretty funny to watch!

This is my husband Dave with Noelle. She looooooves him so much. And he feels the same about her. They're so much alike. He likes to sleep late, and so does she. He likes to watch movies, and so does she. She can't wait to greet him every time he comes home, and he smiles every time he sees her. When she wakes up and he's not there, she runs from room to room until she finds him. I think she might be his best friend. I'm only a little bit jealous.

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