Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One of my favorite blogs is from BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls), a rescue group located in California who works exclusively with pit bulls. They've been working with federal authorities on the recent fighting dog bust in our area, as has the Humane Society of Missouri, and when it comes to pit bulls, the people at BAD RAP are my heroes. They have done a tremendous job teaching people about the breed. They have repeatedly shown that fighting dogs are just like our dogs at home, except they were born into the hands of abusers.

The dogs in this picture are all dogs rescued from the Michael Vick fighting ring. You can see for yourself that they aren't people aggressive, or even dog aggressive. They're just happy, loving, forgiving dogs. They were the victims of cruelty, but they've been rescued and are living good lives now. The BAD RAP blog shares some great stories about pit bulls, so if the idea of walking up to that couch and sitting down with those dogs scares you, please take some time and read about them.

(Photo credit: Tim Archibald - Photo downloaded from BAD RAP website.)

The 400+ fighting dogs that were rescued recently are going to be released to rescue groups soon. Sadly, there are not enough rescues or adopters to save all of the dogs from this bust that are adoptable. I would love to foster one of these dogs, but right now it doesn't look like that will happen. So I'm doing the best I can for them, by helping the groups who are helping them. I hope you'll join me and send a donation to BAD RAP, who already has taken 10 of these bust dogs and will soon be getting many more. They're building a barn in order to have a space to take in dog fighting bust cases and emergency situations. Just to give you an idea of what the 10 dogs are like that they've received so far, here is an excerpt from their blog....

What are they like? Like the Vick dogs, their personalities are a mixed bag. We have the timid/cowering dog, the pushy/optimistic dog, the easily aroused dog and the low key love bunny. We have every range of dog tolerance level from been-there-done-that dog aggressive to the please-be-my-pal dog social. We have highly adoptable, needs some work, and sadly damaged compassion hold status. As always - individuals, individuals.

These dogs deserve to be part of a family and know love and affection. So I'm issuing a challenge - whatever my readers donate to BAD RAP in the next month, I will personally match, up to $1,000.00. I'm doing this for all of the bust dogs who have endured such cruelty, in honor of my own pit bull Noelle who taught me how wonderful pit bulls can be. If you'd like to donate, visit BAD RAP Barnraising to find out how, and make sure to note that you're a dogfostermom blog reader to make your gift eligible for the matching amount.

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