Monday, August 17, 2009

New Format; Cabbie is not hypo-allergenic

You probably noticed the new format of my blog - unless you're really unobservant, like me. I decided it was time for a change. I've been reading other blogs lately and they've inspired me to improve this blog. So I'm going to try to post more often, and make my posts more entertaining or inspiring or educational. Or at least longer.

I am a dog person, and I've heard that dog people are all about pleasing others. I want you to be happy, and I want you to like me, so I'm going to put more effort into making this a blog you look forward to visiting. This is no longer just a place for me to keep a record of my fosters - now it is becoming a blog about my life. And if I ever have more than four readers, I'll be amazed that anyone else could find my life interesting. After all, cleaning up after dogs and scooping litter boxes is not all that entertaining. But for you four readers out there, thanks for sticking by me, and hopefully you'll find the changes that I'll be making an improvement. Unless you're unobservant like me and you don't notice any changes - then nevermind.

Cabbie, my foster kitten that was adopted on Saturday was returned yesterday. Turns out he is not hypoallergenic. I am sad for the family who adopted him because they really wanted a cat. Being allergic to something you love must be awful. Cabbie and Cilla seem very happy to be together again. They are going to stay up at PetSmart for a week to see if they can get adopted.

Don't forget the Wet Cat contest ends tomorrow. Want to play? Here's a tip - go to and type in "wet cat", then click the Search Images button. When you find one you like, copy the link below the picture, then paste that link (or re-type it) into a comment that you leave on the Wet Cat post here. In order to be fair and impartial, I'll be letting my seven-year-old niece judge the entries and pick the one she finds the funniest. We have a similar sense of humor (we can go back and forth with the whole "knock-knock - who's there - banana" joke for half an hour - or until my sister threatens us with bodily harm if we don't stop already). So I'm sure she'll do a good job with judging the entries. Check back tomorrow afternoon for the winner.


Lisa C said...

Hi there! Count me in as a faithful reader! Question... how can a cat be "hypo-allergenic"? Just wondering.

Laurie said...

Hi Lisa C, and thanks for reading! Unfortunately, no cat is truly hypo-allergenic (containing few or no potentially irritating substances). But some people are more allergic to certain cats, or certain breeds of cats. The majority of allergies come from the cat's saliva, not their hair. As they groom themselves, they leave saliva on their hair which dries to form allergenic dandruff. I was just hoping that the people who adopted Cabbie would find that he did not cause any allergic reactions (thus being hypo-allergenic, at least for them).

Anonymous said...

I love the new format and that you will be writing more. Once you get the art of taking pictures of the animals, you can come over and take pictures of the kids.