Thursday, August 20, 2009


I took some more pictures the other night of the dogs playing together. Here's a picture of Noelle and Remi playing with a different sort of Jolly Ball (not the kind that Hobbes got his head stuck in recently). I ordered this toy from PetEdge after someone recommended it to me, and the dogs love it - its Remi and Noelle's favorite toy.

While looking through some pictures of the dogs playing, I realized that the majority of the time, Remi is running away from Noelle. So I thought I should share a picture where Remi finally looks like he is winning. And for those of you who are interested in photography, it turns out that when you use certain settings on a DSLR, you have to remove the lens hood or you get that funny shadow in all of your pictures. Oops.

One last picture - here are Noelle and the puppies playing. I love her one-ear-up, one-ear-down look.

Calvin and Hobbes should be available for adoption in about a week - I am going to miss these cuties. They're so sweet, and hilarious to watch with their short legs and long bodies.

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