Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introducing Calvin and Hobbes

- I just got these two cuties last night. I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, but here is a picture the rescuer sent me before I got them.

They're Basset Hound/Lab mixes, only seven weeks old. It's hard to tell how cute they are just from the picture, but it gives you an idea. They both have Lab faces, with long bodies and short legs, and somehow in spite of the Lab faces they still have those oh-so-sad Basset Hound eyes that just suck you in and make you want to cuddle them and make them happy.

Calvin, the black and white one, has thick Basset legs and feet, and a Basset tail. Hobbes, the all black one, has more Lab features, and is a bit smaller than his brother. They're both pretty big for being only seven weeks though. They met Remi and Noelle and were a bit intimidated by their large size, but I think within a few days they'll be playing and wrestling with Noelle. Remi is too mature for all of that wrestling stuff, but he might be willing to play a game of tug with them.

They also met the cats and kittens, and were slightly intimidated by them. I'm sure the cats are relieved that they aren't like my previous foster puppy Chip who liked to chase them and then tackle them when he caught them! Calvin and Hobbes prefer to watch the strange creatures called cats from a safe distance.

Due to a change in plans, my foster cats probably won't be at PetSmart for adoptions this weekend, so I may have to extend the contest to see who is adopted next another week. And for whomever keeps voting for Scribbles - you're killing me. Maybe you just like long odds, but I keep hoping it means someone out there wants to adopt her! :-)

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JulieB said...

Awwww, too cute! I love those short little legs and big paws!