Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pictures of Calvin & Hobbes (and Remi & Noelle)

I took the day off from PetSmart today, and had the chance to take a few pictures of my dogs.

Here's Noelle sleeping. And possibly practicing yoga in her sleep.

This is Remi in our backyard. He looks happy. I think he just spotted a school bus to bark at. School buses are his favorite - they're big, noisy, and don't go very fast, so he has lots of time to bark at them!

Here's Noelle again - isn't she pretty? It's okay if you don't agree - just pretend you do and I'll be happy. She's not going to bark at the bus, but if it happens to let a kid or two out, she'll be ready to greet them and let them know how much she loves them.

Here are my foster puppies, Calvin (black and white) and Hobbes (all black).

They are typical boys who enjoy wrestling and beating up on each other.
But when trouble comes, they know where to run to. Here they are by Remi, who is happy to protect them from that evil school bus. He's big and tough and he can take on any ol' school bus.

Hobbes ran so fast, his tongue couldn't keep up with the rest of him.

And finally, the school bus is gone and the puppies can relax. All is right with their world again.

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