Sunday, August 30, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes and Cilla were adopted!

Calvin and Hobbes, the Basset/Lab mix puppies, were adopted yesterday.  Calvin's new name is Dexter, and he went home with a very nice couple and several children who will hopefully be able to keep him busy and give him all the attention he seeks.  Hobbes is now named Red, and he is now being spoiled rotten by his new mom and dad.  I'm very excited for both puppies to have found such great homes.

Also, Cilla, my last kitten from the Sea Litter, was adopted this morning.  Cilla will have a great time with her new mom and dad and kids and a Chocolate Lab to give her a lot of love.  She is also a very lucky kitten.

Yesterday I brought home a very special new foster.  His name is Neo.  Stay tuned and I'll post all about him tomorrow.

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