Monday, August 24, 2009

Cabbie was adopted; Introducing Princess

I took the weekend off from fostering, and went on a camping trip with some friends. We had a great time, and enjoyed the awesome weather. I came back to find out that my foster kitten Cabbie was adopted this weekend. I'm happy for him to be in a real home now. My other foster cats were staying at PetSmart while I was gone, and my foster puppies Calvin and Hobbes were dog-sat by a Heartland volunteer. We took Remi and Noelle to our favorite dog sitter. I'd like to take Remi and Noelle camping with us, but since we also did a float trip at the same time it wasn't the ideal situation. For one thing, Remi can't fit in a canoe.

My newest foster cat was taken care of by my parents while I was gone, with some help from my niece. She has named the cat Princess. So far Princess is turning out to be a wonderful cat. She's super-affectionate and friendly and did great with my nieces and nephews while I was gone.

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