Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wet Cat Contest - Winners Announced

Wow, you guys made judging easy - with only two entries, I don't even have to wait on my niece to pick the funniest one. They're both hilarious...

from http://www.crazywebsite.com/Website-Clipart-Pictures-Videos/Funny-Pets-Animals

from http://washingcats.com/

so I'm declaring both entries the winner! JulieB and T Fortuna+, please post your winning charity in the comments, or e-mail me at dogfostermom@aol.com. A donation will be sent to the charity of your choice - thank you for humoring me and playing along. For those of you who've told me you are not computer literate and couldn't figure out how to play along, I will do my best to come up with a contest that you can participate in next time! After all, my niece was looking forward to playing judge, so I have to give her something to judge with more entries so I can keep being her favorite aunt. At least that's what she tells me... although come to think of it, she only tells me that when her other aunts are not around. Hmmm... do you think a seven-year-old has mastered the art of telling people what they want to hear already? Do you think I'm going to be in trouble with my sister or my mom if they read this and it turns out my niece is really 8 years old? I am awful with remembering ages and birthdays. I'm sorry, niece. All of my memory space in my brain is apparently being used up remembering the lyrics to songs, which is obviously much more important than remembering little things like birthdays and ages.

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JulieB said...

YAY! I won! I've never won anything, so this is a monumentous occasion for me. Of course, you can send my winnings to my favorite charity... HHS. Thanks Laurie, this was fun! :)