Monday, August 3, 2009

Chip, Capri, Mercury and Solara were adopted!

I am still smiling - four of my foster pets found their very own homes on Saturday! I'm very happy for them. Chip, my foster puppy, was pre-arranged and his new mom had anxiously been waiting for him to be old enough to be neutered and get vaccinated in order to take him home with her. His new name is Elvis and now he has his very own family and a new dog to play with and love.

The three cats were not pre-arranged, and since I had a wedding to go to, I dropped off six cat fosters at PetSmart with the hopes that at least one would be adopted. I was shocked to come back and find out that three of them found homes! I'd like to say thank you to all the cat volunteers who handled all the adoptions for me while I was gone. Capri of course was snatched up quickly - my sweet adorable Siamese mix has a new home now. Also Mercury was a surprise adoption - I have to admit that my husband won't miss him, but I do. He is a very social cat. If we couldn't watch him and needed to put him in the foster cat room (extra bedroom) while we were gone, he'd cry and throw himself against the door! It was so sad! But now he has a home with a family and two dogs (he likes dogs) so hopefully he'll get the attention he needs to stay happy. Solara surprised me most of all - in spite of the many adorable kittens up there, a family who had adopted from Heartland before picked Solara to adopt. She's a beautiful dilute calico cat and she's got a great personality besides, so I think they made an excellent choice, but so many times people pick the cute kitten and the older cats who sometimes have much more to offer still get overlooked. So hooray for Solara who also has her own home! And thank you to the family who picked her for giving her such a great home!

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