Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kai was adopted; I adopted Noelle!

Kai was adopted at PetSmart yesterday by a very nice lady who met her and fell in love. She will be in a great home with a fenced yard and another dog friend to play with. I am missing her but I'm so happy she found a good home!

Also, I finally gave in and adopted my long-term foster dog Noelle. I've had a rough couple of weeks and through it all she's been there for me to make me feel better. We rescued her from the pound when she was only a puppy, and we've had her for nine months now. We're the only life she's ever known and she's bonded so closely to myself and my husband that I can't bear to send her away. I always thought if I adopted another dog it would be one that I'm typically drawn to (sweet and shy) and one that's great with other dogs and cats. Instead I have fallen in love with a dog who's the complete opposite! She is the most outgoing dog - never intimidated by anything - never meets a person she doesn't love - never lets anything deter her from her goals. She's also leash-reactive and iffy around some dogs, and enjoys chasing cats. Not the ideal for a foster mom, but perfect for a wanna-be dog trainer to practice with, I guess. :-) But most of all she's got those typical pit bull qualities - she is loyal, loving, affectionate, funny, and wants nothing more than to be with her family and show how much she loves us. I adore her and I'm so happy that she's now officially mine. :-)


Lori said...

Congrats on adopting Noelle - now you have joined the ranks of so many of us other foster moms and have a "failed foster" - the one you adopt yourself!

JulieB said...

Welcome to the "failed foster club"! Congrats on your new addition, I'm so happy for you and for her!

Anonymous said...

so what happened about the neighbor? (i'll keep reading just in case you are still fostering adults - but that would stink!)