Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aurora was adopted; Featured Foster: Andy

My foster kitten Aurora was adopted last night to a wonderful family. They have adopted from Heartland before, and are experienced pet owners, so I know Aurora is in great hands. I love her new name. They've renamed her Cammi, because with her tortie/tabby markings she looks like she is camouflaged.

This next story is partly featuring a new Heartland dog, Andy, but it's also featuring a Heartland volunteer. Angie C. is a relatively new volunteer who's become a great asset to Heartland. She volunteers with the dogs, helps with transporting and vet runs and all sorts of things. Earlier this week she was driving down the road in a rural area and found a little dog in the middle of the highway. He was shaking, had a swollen eye like he'd been in a fight, and he wouldn't move from the road. He let Angie walk right up to him and pick him up without moving. The poor little guy was so skinny and covered in ticks. Angie couldn't leave him behind. That area doesn't have any sort of shelter or animal control so there was no one else to help him. He had no tags, and no way to identify where he came from. So Angie took him to the Emergency Vet in O'Fallon to see what he needed. They pulled about 200 ticks off of him. Angie said he never flinched or yelped or anything - he was so worn out. The vet did some bloodwork and an exam, and fortunately found no serious medical problems. Angie not only paid his bill which was several hundred dollars, but she then found a family member willing to provide a foster home for him and nurse him back to health until he can be made ready for adoption. Andy came from a bad situation but he's become a very lucky dog to have been rescued by Angie! Here's a picture of Andy in his new foster home, finally able to relax in a safe, comfortable place.

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