Monday, July 6, 2009

Pip was adopted!, Reintroducing Artemis

My little beagle puppy Pip was adopted! I knew he wouldn't take long to find a home, he's just too cute. A previous Heartland adopter actually saw him on my blog and asked to meet him when he was ready for adoption, so we did a home visit and Pip and his dog J.D. got along great. I miss my little guy, but I'm glad that he's in such good hands now.

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, or visiting Heartland at PetSmart, you may remember Artemis, the black cat who looked like a panther. He was my foster cat, adopted out in March. Unfortunately he has had some trouble adjusting to the other male cat in the household and had to be returned. Artemis (or Artie for short) still looks kind of like a panther... just a little fatter than most panthers. :-) I'll hold onto him for awhile for evaluation to make sure he doesn't have any new behavior issues, and then try to find him another home without another male cat. Here's his picture from when I had him in March:

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