Friday, July 24, 2009

New pictures!

Here are some new pictures of my Sea Litter kittens. First is Cabbie. He's not only adorable but also so affectionate. I love his laid-back personality.

Next is Cabbie's sister - Cilla. She is stalking one of the dogs in this first picture which is why her tail is straight up in the air and very fluffy!

Third is Chessie. She's the high energy kitten of the group - always on the go, and always getting into trouble. She's so friendly and cute and good at making me laugh.

Last but not least is Capri. She's become my all-time favorite cat foster ever. I have never been so attached to any other foster cat - she's kind of the feline version of Coal for me. Coal was the first foster dog I fell in love with when I started fostering, and until Noelle there's never been another dog that I've connected with in the same way. It was really hard to adopt out Coal, but I was very fortunate that the family who adopted him not only gave him a good home but has done an awesome job of keeping me updated on him and bringing him to PetSmart so I can visit with him! I can only hope I am so lucky in finding a similar situation for Capri (hey Bernice, want another cat?) :-D

This weekend I'll be taking Kai, Mercury and Solara to PetSmart to try to find homes for them. Oh, I have exciting news! Angie, the volunteer who found Andy the beagle, came over last night and we walked dogs, and Kai made it ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BLOCK!!! I was so excited. :-) We tried using a harness instead of a regular collar, and that seems to have helped. She's now officially no longer a shy scaredy-dog, and while we'll keep working on walks on leash, she's able to start on the regular obedience training - no jumping on people or counter-surfing, learning to sit/stay, and so on. She now loves to greet new people and new dogs, and has no fear of anything at my house, so I'm very proud of her.

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