Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing Chip

This is my newest foster puppy - Chip. He's a Beagle/Brittany Spaniel mix, and he's only about 8 weeks old. He weighs 7 pounds, and he's only half the size of my foster puppy Raven. They've become best friends though. They share everything - food, toys, a dog bed. They love to wrestle and play together. Raven will probably be ready for adoption this weekend, so then Chip is going to miss her! He likes to play with Kai too though. Kai is so good with puppies - she lets them hang on her and pull her ears and bite her tail, and she never gets upset with them.

I've gotten spoiled with having Raven around. She's the easiest puppy I've ever fostered. She always uses puppy pads when I'm at work and can't let her outside, so I never had to bother with newspaper or cleaning up any big messes. She is very neat and never messed up her kennel or tore up anything when left alone - this is very atypical for puppies! Of course now that Chip is here, he's happily tearing up newspaper and puppy pads and making a huge mess of their exercise pen. So I have to get used to typical puppies all over again! Maybe Raven will teach him some good habits before she's adopted. :-)

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