Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Pictures of Mercury, Raven and Rowdy

Here are some new pictures of my fosters. Also I added some pictures to the last post for Rowdy and Raven - I still need to get a picture of Solara!

Here is Rowdy being rowdy. :-)
Noelle comes along and decides to take away his toy... (see, she DOES like other dogs - especially when they have fun toys!)
Here is the newest contestant for the Cutest Puppy Ever contest.

This is Raven saying "grrrr". Actually I've never heard her growl, even when playing. She does make the cutest little puppy grunts though when I pick her up.

Here are Mercury and Raven playing together:
Mercury chills out....
Mercury gets ready to pounce onto an unsuspecting Raven below...
The toy is bigger than she is, but that doesn't slow her down!

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