Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anastasia was adopted!

The last kitten in my Disney litter has now found her own home. Stasi was adopted to a very nice lady who I am sure will take great care of her. She will also have several other cats and a dog to play with, which is great for such an energetic kitten.

That just leaves me with kittens from two litters, and a few assorted adult cats. I have Mercury the gray kitten and Solara the dilute calico mother from the Solar System litter, and I have four kittens that are unrelated but their names all start with "C" so I'm calling them the Sea litter. They should be ready for adoption in about a week and half hopefully!

I think its time for another contest. I was sure that of the Disney litter, Anastasia would be the first to go, because she's white with black spots and very original markings. I thought Ariel would be the last because she's a gray tabby - pretty, but there are a lot of gray tabbies out there competing for homes. I was wrong as usual, and Ariel was adopted first and Anastasia was adopted last! So let's see if you do better... vote for which of my foster cats you think will be adopted next. If you want to make sure you win, feel free to adopt one yourself. There are no actual prizes awarded, but winners do get bragging rights. :-)

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