Saturday, August 15, 2009

Marco & Polo, Chessie and Cabbie were adopted!

Marco and Polo were adopted first - so if you voted for them in the recent poll, you were right! Once again it was a good day for my foster cats, since four of them found wonderful new homes today. I had all seven of my foster cats there for adoptions. My two foster puppies aren't ready to go yet - they have to wait and get neutered and another vaccination before they'll be ready. So today I was a cat volunteer instead of a dog volunteer, and I must admit it was very nice to spend the day in the air conditioning with easy-to-care-for cats. Scribbles and Artemis are staying at PetSmart in the Adoption Center full-time, and I brought Marco & Polo and the three Sea Litter kittens with me for the day. Marco and Polo caught the eye of a very nice lady who was looking for one cat - not two. I convinced her they were more like just one giant cat. I also apparently neglected to put on their cage sign that Marco was deaf. I realized this after I asked "and you know Marco is deaf, right?" and when she said no, I looked at their sign and realized she couldn't have known because I didn't include that in the info I typed up about them. Oops - I am relieved that she didn't seem to mind ending up with two cats - one hearing and one deaf. Her husband and son also liked the cats, so Marco and Polo now are two very lucky cats!

Next, someone fell in love with Chessie, and she was quickly adopted. And then after we packed up to leave, I got out Cabbie to show a lady who was looking for a cat, and while she wasn't ready to adopt, another couple who was there decided that he was the cat for them. So he also found a home tonight. The husband has allergies to cats so I'm hoping it works out and Cabbie turns out to be hypo-allergenic. Or at least that the Zyrtec works. We shall see! In the meantime, its very strange to have only one kitten here at home. Artie and Scribbles will be coming back from their stay at PetSmart soon if they aren't adopted, so this lack of cats won't last long, but for right now I'm not quite sure what to do with only one little kitten to care for. It'll take some getting used to.

Check krazykatlady's blog for news of other adoptions this weekend. I know several dogs were adopted including my favorite - Hope! And several other kittens and cats also found homes. Now I'm off to clean up puppy paper - the never-ending supply of soiled newspaper that the puppies leave me whenever I leave them home alone. I miss fostering adult dogs.

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JulieB said...

YAY for Marco & Polo! They will surely be missed but I'm so glad they found a great home!