Friday, August 21, 2009

The story of the Pesky Fly

I stopped at my local PetSmart store last night to visit my foster cats who are staying up there and hoping to find homes. So of course I had to take some pictures. I'm sorry you're being subjected to so many bad photos, but I can't seem to stop posting, even when the background is terrible and the pictures are blurry. They still tell a story, and here it is.

The Pesky Fly

It all started so innocently. I was just minding my own business, relaxing on the nice cool concrete. I'm the gray and white kitten in the picture to the right. My name is Caboose, but my foster mom insists on calling me Cabbie - she thinks its cute. So there I was, not causing any trouble, when suddenly, I heard a buzzing noise. I looked up, and there was a FLY, harrassing my neighbor cats. Well I wasn't about to let the fly get away with that! So here's what I did.
First, I brought the fly to the attention of my roommate Cinderella. She was shocked and appalled to hear there was a fly tormenting our neighbors, and she immediately sprang into action. I was right behind her, ensuring the fly would NOT escape from the two of us.

Unfortunately, the fly soon landed on my sister Cilla's head, and, well, you can see what happened next. But the fly got away, and Cilla joined in the chase.

Cilla was concerned about our neighbor cats, so we each took a moment to check on them and make sure they were doing okay.

Scribbles said "Excuse me, but what is all this fuss about? You're disturbing my nap!"

Just then, the fly made the mistake of flying too close to Artemis (he prefers to go by Artie), and in one gulp, Artie eliminated the problem for good. Way to go, Artie!

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