Saturday, June 26, 2010

About Me: Merlin


1) Name and Age
My name is Merlin and I am one year old. I had my very first birthday last month. No one remembered. I ignored everyone for a week to let them know how upset I was. No one noticed. On the plus side, my human just looked up my records to find out how old I was and now she feels really guilty about missing my birthday. I bet I get lots of extra treats tonight!

2) Breed
No breeding for me – I’m neutered.

3) Nickname(s)
My human calls me Murray more often than she calls me Merlin. I don’t know why she just didn’t name me Murray to begin with. Sometimes she also calls me Meerlyn and Merthyn. She’s kind of strange.

4) Where'd ya come from?
I came from the same animal control facility that my sister Noelle came from. I was there for a very long time before my human finally came and took me to foster. She fostered Noelle for 9 months before she finally broke down and adopted her. But it only took her 9 days of fostering me before she adopted me. She says I’m very special. But she still forgot my birthday.


1) Toy
Anything that moves – I am excellent at catching my prey and carrying it around in my mouth. Merlin the Great Hunter is what they should call me.

2) Snack
I like people food the most. Especially corn, chicken, steak, pasta, fish, potatoes, bread, milk, and really almost anything that my human is putting into her mouth.

3) Human
Favorite human? I only have one human. All other humanoids are dangerous! I am a one-human cat and will not remain in the same room as any humanoid except my human.


1) Worst habit
My human thinks it is trying to eat whatever it is she is eating or drinking. I think that’s not a habit, it’s a pastime.

2) Most embarrassing moment
I got my head stuck in a paper bag yesterday. My human was going to take my picture but she was afraid I would fall off the counter and get hurt so she rescued me instead. Those paper bags are evil.

3) Family dynamic
I am in charge. My human is there to do my bidding. Dogs and other humanoid creatures are dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.

4) Your human's FAVORITE thing about you
She likes it when I cuddle with her. And her other favorite thing is that I always am waiting at the door to greet her when she gets home from work. I love my human.


Frankie Furter said...

Merlin... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! It is sooo difficult to acquire proper domestic aides these days. Sorry we did not know about your special day in a proper time frame.
You did a supurrrrrrb job with this post.

Lola said...

Thank you for telling us about you, Merlin. You do sound like a very special kitty. Tell your human to place the paper bag on the floor from now on, so you can investigate in safety.

wags, Lola

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday a Month Late, Merlin! You're SO Most Adorable. I luved learning more abouts you. My Kitteh Brudder Cap'n Ripley always wants some of whatever mom or dad are eating. Mom says it's annoying. Dad luvs it.

Wiggles & Wags,

Cupcake said...

Hi Merlin, I really like kitties so I was happy to read all about you. The way you feel about dogs is the way Mommy feels about men. But even she says that once in a blue moon a great one (like Daddy) comes along. You'll have to try to give us doggies a chance sometime.

Love, Cupcake

Two Pitties in the City said...

I like hearing this background info. What is the most unique thing about you that allowed you to get adopted so quickly?

JackDaddy said...

As long as you play well with others, you're all right in my book! :)