Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sampson and Simon

If I had a baby picture of Sampson and Simon, I bet they would have looked something like this.

I've been fostering them for seven months. Simon, the blind cat, and his seeing-eye-cat brother Sampson. I first brought them home and due to Simon's vision problems, I confined them to my bathroom. They immediately made themselves at the bathroom sink.

As they became used to the other animals and the new living situation, they began exploring the house. Simon played up his vision problems all he could.
Simon: Is that you, Sampson? Hellloooo???
Rudy: Go away - you know perfectly well I'm not Sampson.

Simon: ...did you see all this stuff on the floor? I almost tripped over it!

And Sampson seemed to take his responsibilities to his brother very seriously.

Sampson: Just doing my duty as a Seeing-Eye Cat, and cleaning up around here.

They did a good job pretending that Simon couldn't see much... until they realized they were going to be able to stay with me until they were adopted. Then all of a sudden, Simon's eyes seemed to magically get better. Not only could he see to get around the house without his brother, he could even see well enough in places he had never been, like a vet's office, or a friend's house, to be able to jump on and off tables without a problem. He and Sampson stopped spending any time together, and Sampson gave up his Seeing Eye Cat duties altogether. That's when I realized it had all been a scam to make me feel sorry for them so I would take them home. Because if you haven't noticed by now, the disabled ones always get to me. That's why I currently have a deaf foster dog, a three-legged foster dog, and a supposedly blind (but possibly just brilliant and conniving) cat. At least I did until yesterday. Because yesterday Simon and Sampson went home on a trial adoption! I just wonder if they're pulling their same "He's blind and I'm his seeing-eye cat" scam there.

Sampson: Don't forget to stumble when you jump down, like you couldn't see the ground.
Simon: Don't worry, I've got it...


JulieB said...

HURRAY! I'm so happy for the boys. Talk about sweet, sweet kitties! Simon gave the best nuzzles. That's awesome, congrats to you and to them!

Kea said...

Yay! Fingers and paws crossed that the boys have their true forever home, not merely a "trial" home! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...kittehs are Most Conniving and Brilliant, that's for sure. I'm very much happy for them that they might have founds their Most Perfect Home That Ever Was!!! My paws are crossed real tight for them.

Wiggles & Wags,

Frankie Furter said...

Who knew cats could be so smart.

Nubbin' Tails said...

Yeah for S & S. That is a fabulous story. Our mom is a sucker for the sad story too!


Mr. Nubbin'

brooke said...

awww! Yippee for Simon and Sampson! They're too cute! Hope their new home works out!

Two Pitties in the City said...

I had forgotten their story; they are quite brilliant afterall. I hope the new home works out for them.

Lola said...

I hope their home works to be the happiest it can be. Whether they were scamming or Simon had a miracle they're still very smart kitties. I hope their new humans can keep up with them.

wags, Lola

Remington said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing! I hope all goes well!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Awesome that they are on a home trial together! And yeah, I bet they are keeping up the charade right now (though I am sure he has at least a little eye trouble - right?)

We are sending lots of purrs and crossing everything for the home visit to work out well and for them to have found their forever home - toghether!!

Kari in WeHo said...

because they are cats I do believe it was a scam :)

BerniceK said...

awwwww beautiful story. So happy.

Anonymous said...

If anyone finds this ,I know this posting is really old but on a whim I did an internet search on Simon and Sampson. To my suprise I found these great pictures and many heart felt good wishes for the "boys". All I can say is... Thank you for taking such great care of them up until we were united. I am their "dad" and I am grateful for each and every day they are in my life. The "boys" are thriving and I would guess enjoying life considering the number of kisses I get each day from them.

Thank you so much
R Jones

Dog Foster Mom said...

R Jones - thanks so much for the update - that is great! Thanks for giving them a wonderful forever home!