Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ziggy Goes To An Adoption Event

You might wonder why I'm writing an entire post about Ziggy going to an adoption event. After all, he's been going to adoption events for almost a year, and this adoption event was not much different than the rest. But some of you may not be familiar with pet adoption events, so Ziggy wanted to share the experience with you from his point of view.

Ziggy: Thanks, Mom, I'll take it from here. I do believe I'm an expert when it comes to attending adoption events. Let's start with the clothing. Many of us are forced to wear either adoption vests or bandanas or other accouterments to let people know we're available for adoption. I'm not sure I understand this cruel practice. After all, how many other dogs are hanging around in pet store parking lots with people who are wearing T-shirts with the name of a rescue group? The only dogs there that are NOT for adoption are all inside shopping with their parents, not forced to stand around outside begging for a new owner. The bandanas of shame are just one form of injustice that we face every day.

Next there are the pictures. Mom goes a bit crazy with the camera some weeks. This past week during the event she actually attached my leash to a nearby telephone pole and forced me to stare directly into the sun so she could get some good pictures for the adoption website. See how I'm squinting? She didn't care - she just kept taking pictures, and didn't even bother to reward me with treats for my time spent modeling.

Oh yeah - Mom just reminded me that instead of treats she rewarded me by letting me visit the Supreme Storm Drain. I have to admit, that made all the modeling time worth it. There were some very interesting smells in this drain.

In spite of the difficulties that we rescue dogs must put up with at these adoption events, there are some benefits. First, we get a lot of attention from people walking in and out of the store. This gives me the opportunity to play one of my favorite games - grab the bag or purse of a passing customer and see if I can find anything to eat. Second, every once in awhile the rescue group or Mom buys me a bone or a toy. And that makes these adoption events all worth it. So now I'll turn this post back over to Mom, and go enjoy my bone.

Mom Ziggy's Foster Mom: Thanks Ziggy. But you left out all the important things that happen at adoption events, like the dogs or cats that find their forever homes, and the people who donate to help with all the rescue dogs' food and vet bills, and the new friends we make.  Maybe next time you can write about those things too.


Oskar said...

Great reporting job Ziggy!

Nubbin wiggles,

Tucker said...

Great job, Ziggy! I think you're an ace reporter! (I also think you may already have found your forever home.)

Kari in WeHo said...

Great report Ziggy but don't get too attached to calling her mom


meowmeowmans said...

Fine job of reporting, Ziggy! We hope you find a forever home soon.

Two Pitties in the City said...

That was good to see from your perspective. It must be nice to get all the attention from the people, and of course the treat at the end. You're becoming a pro now.

Anonymous said...

Whew! I know firstpaw that those adoption events are lots of work. Most luckily, my mom found me right off the bat so I only had to go to one. I think it prolly woulda been awful nerve-racking to have to go to lots of them. But it sounds like you've got the routine down pat. Plus, you gets toys and treats sometimes so that most definitely helps. I sure hope you finds your forever home at one of those things. Maybe you could try stealing somebuddy's purse and refusing to give it back until they adopt you.

Wiggles & Wags,