Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ziggy and Noelle are Rough-N-Tumble dogs. 

So to those of you who would like to come visit, I would love that! Just watch out for Ziggy's stalking posture.

Because it means he is about to pounce! 

But don't worry about Noelle - she gives as good as she gets.   

Don't let the scary-snarl-faces fool you.  They're having a blast playing with each other.  

Did I mention they're rough and tumble?  



I could go on all day (thanks to  
So could they.

But in the end, they become sweet.  

Adorable, even.

While they plot and plan for their next rough-n-tumble play session.   

Which usually starts 15 minutes later.  


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Oh! I miss having multiple dogs! For this exact reason.

Pamela said...

Good thing Noelle is helping you out by tiring Ziggy. What would you ever do without her?

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

It is always fun to watch two dogs play together when they play at the same intensity. Koda loves to visit with his cousins and have a fun wrestle with them.

I have to ask though do you notice if Ziggy and Noelle respond to each other's ouch squeals? or do they have other body signals to say it hurts?

Frankie Furter said...

I wanted to tell you that I have started work on my Santa Paws list.

Juliette said...

What gorgeous doggies - I often wish I had taken my westie's little brother or sister but it's too late now as Dougie is 8 and would be far too jealous!!

bbes tribe said...

They are having SUCH fun playing rough -n- tumble. Our M says a tired dog is a good dog... she heard that someplace & thinks it is true.
Great pics. We have a "herd" of dogs right now & it does get interesting & they are fun to watch & play with.

Sue said...

Isn't it amazing that although it looks ferocious, no one gets hurt and they seem to love playing that way. We have the same thing go on at our place. And the noise!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those were most wonderful action-packed pictures! It's so good to have a furend that likes to play the same way you do. Brudder Ranger likes to play chase (for a little bit) but he does NOT like to rassle. Sigh.

Wiggles & wags,

Cupcake said...

When my dogs stand up on their back legs and play like that we always say they are playing 'dinosaur' because they look like big dinosaurs battling it out. So fun!!!

Two Pitties in the City said...

They look so similar in the photos, and I love how Remi is referee.

Kari in WeHo said...

This is why I love having a pack at home :)


Dog Foster Mom said...

Erika and Blair - good question. Since they're both deaf, they both are used to relying on body language more than audible cues. So if one bites to hard, the other one will immediately stop playing and give the other dog a hard stare. Then the other dog usually stops, they both do a "shake off", and then play resumes a few seconds later. It's quite interesting and I hope to do a post about it soon!

havetailwillwag said...

aww.. its nice to see dogs having so much fun and living great lives without worry. you're such an awesome fosterer.

Sara said...

What fabulous doggies - I admire you for doing a great service to dogs - I would find it very hard to hand back dogs like that - good on you, and for giving them such a great play time.