Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Merlin Lives Dangerously

When I was forced to temporarily relocate my cat Merlin, I thought long and hard about where he could go.  I knew he may have to be gone for a few months, and I wanted him to be happy, wherever he was.  So in the end, I thought the best place for him was my parents' house.  They have experience with cats, my mom is home all day so Merlin would get a lot of attention, and most importantly, I knew if I asked, even though they didn't really want a cat, they would say yes.  We thought at the time it would only be for a couple of months.  But Merlin has been there for well over six months now.  I could understand them wanting him gone, but I thought they'd just ask me to come get him, not take other, drastic measures.

My sweet, innocent Merlin is an indoor cat.  I don't ever let him go outside since there are too many dangers of cars, loose dogs, and other risks.  I knew my parents felt the same way - and even if they didn't, I knew they would keep him indoors since that is what he is used to and that is what I believe is best for him.  At least that's what I thought, until I received these pictures:
Merlin on a low branch of a large tree
Not only was Merlin outdoors, but they had put him in a tree!  Just to take a picture and threaten to make him stay in the tree if I didn't come get him.  Poor, poor Merlin.
Merlin on a higher branch of the same very big tree
He looks so small and helpless.
close-up of Merlin an orange tabby on a tree branch
Doesn't he look terrified?  How could anyone be so cruel... so heartless.... so.... oh, wait.  That's not exactly how it happened.

Okay, fine, the truth is Merlin is not sweet and innocent.  He is sneaky and quite brilliant. He learned how to slide open the screen door to make his escape to the Great Outdoors when no one was watching.  Then, because he's a cat, he decided the best thing in the world would be to go after those birds in the tree.  So he climbed the tree.  And since she's my mom and she knows how much I'd want pictures, my mom went and got her camera and took some photos before trying to lure Merlin down with his favorite canned food.  Which worked... eventually.
my mom holding Merlin with one arm and a can of open cat food in the other hand
Notice how in spite of the canned food my mom is holding in front of his face, Merlin is focusing only on the birds still tormenting him from the safety of the treetops.

 Thanks Mom, for all you've done to keep Merlin safe.  Thanks for not taking any drastic measures to get rid of him, and for saying he can stay as long as needed.   I'm sorry I implied otherwise - it just made for a better story.   I'll come over and help you cat-proof your screen door tomorrow.


Mango said...

Hehehe. You sure had me going there for a while. Your mom rocks.

Mango Momma

Cupcake said...

So Merlin had a taste of the outdoors. I hate to break the news to you, but you may have a hard time keeping him in after his fun adventure.

It's great that your nice Mom is taking such good care of him.

Love, Cupcake

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

If you read my bloggie today you will see I am sneaky as Merlin. BOL way to go buddy!!!

Mollie Jo & Bobo

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Oh! You scared me with the beginning of that story! Will merlin move home when you're in the new house?

Kari in WeHo said...

Ha that is just great! Smart cat


Dog Foster Mom said...

Yes, as soon as I'm in the new house (hopefully in the next few weeks) Merlin will move to my new home with me. Hooray!

Tucker said...

Yikes! Our mom would be freaking out if any of the cat kids here were up a tree! Glad Merlin is safe and sound! Way to go Grandma!

Tucker said...

Yikes! Our mom would be freaking out if any of the cat kids here were up a tree! Glad Merlin is safe and sound! Way to go Grandma!

brooke said...

What a smart cat Merlin is! ehehhehe

tenbluetaters said...

Fun story! Thank you for your amusing blogs - they keep me amused during my down time at work. You have the most entertaining stories about dogs and cats!

Jess and Glacier said...

The day my cat Sisu figured out she could open the screen door, I went and had her and her brother Loki microchipped. :) I'm glad your kitty is safe and that your parents are taking good care of him.

mayziegal said...

Oh, I was skeered there at first! I kept thinking that it sure was a good thing you hadn't sent Noelle to stay with them. Can you imagine how mad Noelle would be if they put her in a tree???

That Merlin sure is sneaky. I guess he's just living up to his name by doing magical tricks.

Wiggles & Wags,

Two Pitties in the City said...

You are too funny! I guess Merlin has a new hobby. And I envy your beautifully blooming tree (as we have temps in the 40's today).