Monday, September 26, 2011


I always feel a bit excited when I agree to take in a new foster.  Since so many of my foster dogs have found homes recently, I've been able to finally say "yes" to some recent requests for help.  But it's hard to know for sure who I will end up with.  Another rescuer and I went to a shelter together recently.  There were three dogs that we offered to take if they were to run out of time.  The first dog is a cute black/brown Dobie mix who may be rescued by a breed-specific rescue group, but if not, we offered to take her.  The next dog is a young Lab mix who is still on hold to see if the owner turns up - if not, and if he isn't adopted, we may get him too.  And the third dog is a beautiful Border Collie who is running out of time.  We're waiting for the Border Collie to be cat-tested to see whether I will get him or my friend will get him.  So worst case, we may be getting three dogs from this shelter.  Then there's the lady in southern Missouri who often sends us dogs.  She has a Beagle-Corgi mix and another Beagle who need rescue.  They'll be here in a week or two I think.  So we're up to five dogs - between the two of us, that isn't bad.  And we have another foster home who can take one of the dogs probably.  But of course as soon as we agree to take these dogs, other dogs start coming in.  My friend received a request from a friend of hers who had picked up two dogs on the highway - they'll be here in about three weeks.  And I received a request from a friend who had a stray dog show up at her house - he'll probably be coming my way.  And oh yes, there are two returns coming back in the next few days.  Let's see - that puts us up to ten new foster dogs between the two of us.  Of course that's a worst case scenario - most likely we'll end up with only four or five of these dogs, and hopefully by the time we get the last of them, we'll have had a few more adoptions to give us more space.  But in the meantime, I'm going to stop scouring the Internet for deaf dogs needing help, and start stocking up on dog food.  I just hope one of these new foster dogs shows up soon, because I am impatiently waiting!


Vicki June said...

I just got a call last night from my local humane society asking if I could take just two more that will be going to a rescue in a couple weeks. Of course I said "Absolutely".. I will be picking them up in few hours and all I know so far is that the female is a lab/chow mix around 8wks old and the male is tan and white and around 10wks old.. It's like a surprise party every time I pick up new fosters :) So this will bring my total back up to 4family dogs and 4 fosters...8 seems to be my lucky number :)

Kari in Vegas said...

I hope that more adoptions happen so you can save more dogs :)


Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Hurray for new fosters! When do Remi and Noelle move home?