Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Highlights of the past week...

September 27th - Went to an area shelter to drop off Harry and pick up Molly and two more FIV+ cats.  Harry is a previous foster dog that wasn't doing well here with the other fosters, and since we currently have no other foster homes available to take him, he is temporarily staying at the shelter.  Molly wasn't doing well at the shelter so she became my foster dog.  And since this shelter doesn't adopt out FIV+ cats, I brought home Scotty and Charley until room opens up at another area no-kill shelter that has a free-roaming adoption room for just FIV+ cats.   
 They have joined the rest of my foster cats - Kirby, Bandit, Belle, Thomas, and Pogo.  Mercury, Kona and Kimba have all been adopted! 

September 28th - Went back to the shelter and picked up Thumper, a Bearded Collie mix.  She's eight years old and very sweet.  
September 29th - Helped set up the All Paws garage sale fundraiser.  Got to do some pre-sale shopping.  Spent  more money than I had planned.  

September 30th - Got up at 4:30 a.m. for the garage sale.  Spent most of the day trying to stay awake. Bought more items and spent even more money.  Realized I ran out of checks and had no cash.  Blamed it on lack of sleep and wrote an IOU.  

October 1st - Went to the Purina Pet Project Event.  Ziggy got to join the Purina Dog Show and pray for all the animals to find homes.  I didn't actually see anyone get adopted at the event, so I'm hoping that's not Ziggy's fault.  We had a great time and I met some wonderful people.

October 2nd - Held a small adoption event at PetSmart.  No one was adopted, and I came home completely exhausted.  Brought home Audrey, a temporary foster dog who is already scheduled to be adopted as soon as she is vetted.  

October 3rd - Got up early and dropped off Audrey and Carlos, another All Paws dog, at the vet.  Went back home and worked for several hours.  Went back to the vet with Elton and Thumper for their exams, and then took all four dogs with me to the shelter to pick up Roo, another foster dog.  Came home and got Roo introduced to everyone else.  Left and took Ziggy to Agility class.  Came home and collapsed.  Got a good night's sleep surrounded by Miley, Molly, Elton, Thumper, Roo, Audrey, Pogo and Charley.  


Alyssa said...

Woah, that is busy! I'm tired after reading it. Ha ha. Thumper sure is beautiful.

HannahG said...

Say, I read a while back about how many different food allergies Ziggy has. Did you ever find a good food solution for him? Was the cost prohibitive? Another Ziggy fan here!

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

You have been busy! I admire your tireless work on behalf of all the dogs and kitties who are looking for forever homes.

Anonymous said...

Whew, Dog Foster Mom! I am 'zausted reading abouts your week. And here all I did was chase squirrels and eat bunny poop. I think maybe you should take a breakie and do the same!

Wiggles & Wags,

Dog Foster Mom said...

Hannah - Lucky for Ziggy, we found a food that he does great with, so he no longer has to worry about me just giving him raw potatoes for his dinner. He eats Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Potato and Duck food. Sadly, he now feels the need to chase any ducks he sees. I blame his food for this.

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Oh my gosh! Go take a nap! But when you wake up, find Ziggy's best costume and head over to our blog on Thursday. It's Skye's 4th birthday and we're playing dress up!

Kari in Vegas said...

Sounds like you need a nice long nap


Tucker The Crestie said...

I am exhausted just reading this. And more admiring than ever of your dedication. You are amazing. You do know that, right?

Kolchak Puggle said...

My my, it has been a busy week at your house. Just reading that made me want a nap! Way to go.