Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Day: Guest Post by Jefferson

Hi everyone, I'm Jefferson, but everyone calls me Jeffy.  My foster mom is the lady who usually writes this blog.  She said I could tell you about my day!  Today is Saturday which means it is an Adoption Day!  Every Saturday we all get loaded up in the car and we go to PetSmart where people come to admire us.  I was so excited to go to PetSmart today, because it's the best place in the whole entire world!  In fact, I got so excited that I wagged my tail really hard and it started bleeding.  My foster mom took me over to the vet and they fixed me right up, but my foster mom told them I had better wear a lampshade on my head or else I'd take off the bandage they put on.  So now I get to wear a lampshade all week!  This is me in my stylish lampshade.
Me looking Most Handsome.
There were about 287 dogs at the adoption event today!  I'm not very good at counting, but I'm sure there were at least that many.  Only two of them found homes, but that's still better than zero (hey, maybe I am not so bad at this math thing!)  My foster mom wanted to take home this dog:
but decided that she'd have too many dogs if she did that.  Apparently Greta is very affectionate and deserves to be in a home instead of a shelter, where she is living now.  Greta didn't get adopted so hopefully she gets adopted soon before foster mom goes and gets her and brings her back here in spite of the 43 other dogs here.  Oh, wait - foster mom said that there are less than ten dogs here.  I guess I need more math practice after all.

I got to meet a dog named Breeze today!  She was at the adoption event waiting to be admired by people.  My foster brother Bogey is her real brother, which is probably why they look so much alike.  Breeze has a lot more hair than Bogey though.  And she smells better.  I'm just sayin'.
I also saw my pal Toby again.  Toby has been in foster care almost as long as Ziggy (like, forever!).  He is real good at getting attention from people by doing crazy stunts like trying to chew his way out of his crate.  He is my role model!
My role model.
My foster mom says I should try to get attention by being cute, like this puppy:
The puppy slept like this for hours!  I told my foster mom that first of all, since the puppy didn't get adopted, this tactic was obviously no better than Toby's brilliant method of getting attention.  And second of all, how could I possibly sleep for one second while at the most exciting place in the world??  My foster mom just isn't too smart sometimes.

Thanks for listening about my day, and I hope you had a GREAT day too!


Bobby said...

Hi Jeffy, Fancy wig wagging your tail until it bled.
Ah so many dogs to find homes for, we feel so sad when we think of them all.
Poor Bogey we hope his hair does grow back.
I bet that was fun five puppies flying around.
Licks Bobby

Purrfect Haven said...

thats some event... and for it to be every week.. but we hope more of you find homes... you look lovely and we are sure would be good as gold .... we are rooting for you all. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Jess and Glacier said...

Oh, I hope you find a home very soon. I want to take you all home. :)

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

I'm so glad that some doggies got adopted!
Don't you worry, I bet you'll find your furever home, real soon :)


Anonymous said...

It was hard taking Greta & Abby back to there cages, but they had a good time and got a lot of loving and attention at Petsmart! Maybe they will get adopted this week, but if not they'll both go to Bridgeton Petsmart! Linda

Bev said...

Toby looks like he has buck teeth!

Barb's Cats and Quilts said...

Wow, 287 dogs! I think your foster mom should give you some counting lessons, Jeffy. Little Macy is sure cute sleeping like that. I bet if you did that with your lampshade on, you'd be even cuter.