Monday, March 5, 2012

They Look Nothing Alike

When I was first contacted about taking in another FIV+ cat, I hesitated.  I'd been planning to take a break from fostering cats for awhile, but it was a good friend who asked, and then she sent me a picture of the cat.  I knew he'd be euthanized if I didn't take him.  And he looked just like my cat Merlin.  So of course I said yes.

I brought him home and named him Murphy, because Merlin's nickname is Murray, and since they looked almost exactly alike, I thought their names should be similar as well.

Murphy immediately settled in, and tried to be just like Merlin.  He followed Merlin around, and slept in all Merlin's favorite places, and tried to convince me that he was really Merlin.  He even fooled me a couple of times when I walked into the room and mistook Murphy for Merlin at first glance.  I laughed and told everyone how he was just like Merlin.  Well, almost.  Except Murphy's tail is fluffier, and his eyes are teal instead of gold.  And Murphy is slightly bigger than Merlin.  And as I started listing all the differences between them, I soon realized that they really look nothing alike.

Once I took pictures of Murphy I realized it was true -
they look nothing alike.


Diane said...

HA! I do that all the time I'lll see a white pittie and I'll say that looks just like my Shelby and then I start to thinking about it and actually compare and they actually are not much alike at all sans the color being the same. LOL Murphy and Merlin are both very handsome though.

brooke said...

Awww he's not an exact duplicate, but still super cute!

Cupcake said...

They both look great. I love those orange stripey heads.

Love, Cupcake

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Oooo tricky! I do that a lot with Skye. That dog could be her twin- other than their size, shape, eyes, tail... drat.

Anonymous said...

When I had 2 Bichon Frise dogs, folks used to ask me a lot how I could tell them apart. To me, they looked really different!

Of course, since one was a female and one was a male, there really was an easy way for anyone to tell them apart.


Lindsey RN said...

those whiskers are to die for!

Pibble said...

They're both very handsome - what gorgeous eyes!