Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Introducing Thor the Burglar

Thor was a stray found by one of my neighbors.  He had a microchip which led to the discovery that Thor's owner had passed away several months ago, and Thor was in need of a new home.  And so somehow I found myself saying "I can keep him until he's adopted".  Thor is eight years old, and he has terrible ear infections in both ears.  Have you ever had to put ear medicine into a dog's ear twice a day for two weeks?  It is a challenge - especially when the dog is in pain, which Thor is.  It helps if the dog is small, because it's easier to hold them in place.  However Thor is a 103 pound German Shepherd, so holding him in place while trying to dispense the medicine is not so easy.  I'm thinking that the whole experience burns enough calories for both of us that we don't need to exercise.  That's my excuse for this week anyway.

Today Thor decided to expend a little bit of extra energy to reach a goal.  He doesn't like to be outside unless I'm with him.  I went in to answer the phone while he and the other dogs were outside, and then a few minutes later I heard noises coming from down the hall.  I didn't think much about it, because I have two new cats in one of the rooms, and thought they were probably just playing.  But after I got off the phone, I went to check on them.

When I found both cats sleeping and no evidence of anything they'd been doing to make noise, I thought to myself it was nothing, but just to be sure I would check Ziggy's room, which is right across the hall.  Ziggy was outside in the front so the room should have been empty.  So I was more than a little surprised to open the door and find three dogs inside the room.

Scene of the crime
I had left the window open to get some fresh air into the room, and Thor decided he wasn't going to let a little thing like a brand new window screen stop him from getting back into the house.  It's true that I have no proof it was Thor.  But Ziggy wasn't in the back yard, so I can't blame him, and none of the other dogs have ever minded being outside without me.  They've also never forced their way through a screen to get inside.

So much for that window screen

What's odd is that there were six dogs in the backyard, and the three I found in Ziggy's room were all German Shepherds or Shepherd mixes.  Does this mean GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) are more sneaky than other breeds?

Sadly, Ziggy will not be getting any fresh air into his room until I get his brand new window screen repaired.  A 103 pound dog leaves quite a big hole in a screen!


JackDaddy said...

I don't think it was Thor! I think you have a poltergeist! :)

Stefanie said...

I like Thor already! I had to do the ear drops for Blueberry when I first got her and she really didn't like it either. The worst part was - I had to keep her treatment up for an additional 10 days. Thankfully - she only weighs 45 pounds so it wasn't quite the rodeo that you face with Thor.

That's really funny that you first suspected Ziggy! Maybe he gave Thor some pointers. ;)

Tucker The Crestie said...

Aww, poor Thor! He was lonely!

selkie said...

yes, yes, GSDs just plain like their comfort; my two GSDs will vouch for that. they also HATE being anywhere you are not - that is the reality of living with GSDs!!

Cupcake said...

Yes, I'd bet $1000 he was the one who jumped through the screen. We find all kinds of ways to stay with our people. Please tell him there is a Cupcake who loves him. Mommy says she wishes he could come live with us.

Cindy said...

Maybe you are aware of this and maybe it would not help anyway but there is dog proof screen. We used it because our E. Setter for some reason HAS to put her paws up on the screen door to look in the wooden door window to MAKE SURE that we are coming to let her in when she barks. It doesn't matter that we have NEVER let her bark for more than a couple of minutes before getting her in,she still HAS to check to make sure we are coming. Anyway,after we put dog proof screen on,no more ruined screen.

Oskar said...

He didn't mean to make any trouble!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Heehee! One time I ran right through the patio door screen but I was trying to get OUT - not IN! And boy, was I surprised. I think it's Most Interesting that everybuddy followed Thor into the house. Maybe it's that herding thing. Gotta keep the sheep together!

Wiggles & Wags,