Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucky Is Tall

I’m going to show you this picture, and ask you to ignore the obvious fact that I did NOT clean my windows before I took this picture.

I’d like to claim that the grass in the backyard only looks brown in the picture because of the dirt. Not because of the extreme heat and the fact that I’m too lazy to water it. I mean I’m conserving water, which is also why I haven’t washed my windows yet this week. Let’s go with that. Actually, if you don’t mind, let’s ignore all those things and talk about the dog looking in the window, assuming you can see him through the dirt. Notice how tall he is? That’s Lucky the Great Dane mix, and he always stands on his back feet like that to look in the window. It looks like he’s about to turn the doorknob with his paw and just walk right in. However, that pathetic look in his eyes is due to the fact that he hasn’t yet figured out how to actually turn the doorknob with his paw. He doesn’t like having to wait on me to get to the door when he wants to come inside. So he stands there on his back two feet, and looks at me with that pathetic look. And if I don’t get to the door quickly enough, he barks, while still standing on two feet. Oh yes, Lucky the deaf dog does love to bark. Then, when I open the door, he promptly races around the room as though it’s his own personal ice skating rink. He loves to go sliding across the laminate floor, and then crashing into whatever piece of furniture or human or other dog gets into his way. Then he’ll pick up his favorite sterilized bone and throw it and go skating across the floor after it again. He’s kind of strange, this Lucky dog.

Lucky and I have been attending agility classes for a few weeks now, and he’s become a bit of a class clown. His favorite obstacle is the tunnel. He’ll run through it at top speed, then go racing in circles around the room after he comes out the other side, as if he is so excited he can’t control himself. He makes everyone laugh. I am hoping this silly, happy goofball of a dog gets a home soon. Then I can go back to only having nose prints on the bottom half of my windows.


Cupcake said...

Great picture! I laughed when I read about him at the agility class. Hey, the guy likes to have fun!

Blueberry's human said...

I suppose there always has to be one class clown! Lucky looks like a lot of fun! And don't worry - I don't see any dirty windows or brown grass - have no idea what you are talking about! ;)

PCPP Kim said...

Be proud of your dirty windows and brown grass. They show that you have more important things to do, like saving the lives of funny guys like Lucky.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kim! I would much rather see a funny, happy pup than clean windows or green grass! clean windows and green grass don't bring you the smiles that a silly pup can! :) Enjoy his spirit until he finds his permanent home! :) Thank you for all you do as a foster! :D