Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Introducing Jill, Iris and Ivy

Two months ago I received a message about a guy who raised hunting Beagles.  He was wanting to give up some of his dogs due to a change in life circumstances, and was looking for a home for a momma Beagle with two babies.  They were living outside and the smaller of the two pups was not doing well.  All Paws agreed to take the three dogs, and they went to a local rescue specalizing in neonates until the pups were four weeks old.  Then a month ago they came to my house.  And over the past four weeks, I've learned a few new things about hunting Beagles. 

1.  Hunting Beagles are loud.  Loud, Loud, LOUD.  And they love to run.  And chase.  And run.  Watching the joy they find in running, and chasing, and hunting, is wonderful.  Listening to them bark when they aren't allowed to run and chase and hunt - not so wonderful. 

 2.  We were told the Beagles were "pocket Beagles".  I don't know if that's an official term, but all three are rather small for a Beagle.  Ivy is the smallest and she can easily fit in my pocket!  In fact, I am tempted to carry her around in my pocket all the time.  But once I was cleaning her kennel and accidentally dropped her into her water bowl.  It was only a few inches so a short drop, but she was soaked.  Now I no longer carry her in my pocket.    

3.  Iris is the other baby Beagle, and she once again proves the theory that the cuter they are, the more trouble they will be.  Iris is demanding, like her mom, and will let you know if she isn't happy.  Ivy on the other hand will hardly ever cry - even if she's dropped into a water bowl.  Both babies are sweet and love to give puppy kisses and be held and cuddled. 


Blueberry's human said...

Oh my gosh - they are adorable! I've never heard of pocket-sized beagles. Is that like a toy breed? I am sort of glad that fella is out of the breeding business!

We will need to hear those puppies so we can rate the loudness level from a 1 to a 10. ;)

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Oh my goodness, all 3 of them are squeezably adorable!! I especially love the joy in that first picture.

Cupcake said...

Everytime you get new fosters, I fall in love!! Yep, they came from Planet Cute. I know they are in good hands now.

Tucker The Crestie said...

I gotta say - there is not much in life cuter than a baby Beagle.

MurphyDog said...

the visual of the pocket pup tumbling out of your pocket and into the water bowl made Mom chuckle.

Those sure are some cute pups. Hopefully they'll find a home soon...one that will love the beagle bray!

wags, wiggles & slobbers