Thursday, November 8, 2012


Radar and Lucy

Nosey the blind Beagle pup, now named Radar, was adopted and is doing great in his new home!  Here's the note I received from his new mom:

I just wanted to update you on how Nosey (new name Radar) has adjusted to our family. He is doing GREAT!! Lucy (our lab puppy) has found her forever friend. They should have been named Bonnie and Clyde because what one does the other follows. Radar is up to 12 lbs and has adjusted to our home perfectly. He loves playing, running and digging ;) He is still very loving and cuddly when he gets tired.

We wanted to thank you for rescuing him and loving him until we did the adoption. We couldn't be happier that he is with us.

Frodo the adorable kitten was also adopted. 

Gemma the deaf pit bull mix was also adopted.  
Me and Gemma at an adoption event

And last but not least, Bogey the shy dog went to a foster-to-adopt home and is doing well.  Bogey came to my house back in January.  He spent the first three years of his life prior to that in a kennel and with little socialization, and when I first took him in, he wanted nothing to do with me.  As the months went by he became more comfortable, and although he was scared of people, he was quite happy playing with the other dogs and being at my house.  He eventually would take treats from me, and even laid on the floor within ten feet of where I sat on the couch, as long as I didn't look at him.  Progress was very slow, but he did improve, to the point where I was able to take him to adoption events on the weekends.  And it didn't take long after that until the right family came along and fell in love with him.  He's doing well so far in his new home, and hopefully will be officially adopted within the next few weeks. 


Cupcake said...

This is what it's all about. I'm so happy for all these babies and their new families. You are such a great foster mom!!

Acd Pack said...

Thanks for sharing your happy updates! All adoptions are great but I have a real soft spot for the "specials". Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Coconut! Linda