Friday, February 15, 2013


Since Ziggy and many of the other dogs I foster love to chew, I am always looking for long-lasting chew bones to keep them busy.  So when I heard about a company that sold deer antlers, I decided to check it out.  I've purchased deer and elk antlers from various pet supply stores before, and for the most part the dogs all like them.  They last a very long time and are safe and don't stain carpets or smell bad like some other chewables.  The only downside is the price - antlers can be expensive.  So when I saw the prices at Indiana Antler Supply, I really thought they were too good to be true.  But I went ahead and ordered a deer antler and an elk antler, and I was even more impressed when I received them.  The customer service was great, and the antlers were gigantic.

Ziggy offered to help demonstrate the product. 

And then Juno offered too.  Unfortunately Juno was recently neutered and is wearing the Cone of Shame, so his picture didn't turn out so well. 

All the dogs enjoy chewing on these antlers, and so far the deer antler seems to be preferred three to one over the elk antler. 

I didn't receive any free product or payment for sharing these with you, I just think they're great for dogs that like to chew, and wanted to let you know too!  You can find out more at Indiana Antler Supply

And now, a message from Ziggy. 

For those of you who don't speak "dog", he is clearly communicating that he would like you to adopt him.  Please.   


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


WE LOVE our Deer Antlers!! They make fur PERFECT CHEWING and GNAWING!!

Casey Jones' Mom said...

Juno looks like a canine hay baler. They look like a fun treat.

Anonymous said...

Huh, learn something new every day. Good luck to Juno n the quick removal of the "cone of shame".

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

I tried the antlers on my two, even dipped them in peanut butter! All Chewy did was lick it off and then stare at me, as if to say "now what?" They only like to chew on things that stink and the stinkier the better for them!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Liar! I know those Ziggy eyes. They are CLEARLY saying "MORE NOMS PLEASE".

acd6pack said...

Those antlers are huge! The pack would be very happy with something like that, they are all big fans of chewing antlers so I shall be checking out the link.

Ziggy - if we could, we would. Knowing that you are in a safe place is making us happy.