Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing Sierra

I was recently contacted about a deaf pit bull mix at an area shelter.  They told me she had passed her evaluations and was very sweet, but they wanted her to go to a rescue because she is deaf. 

What they didn't tell me is that she has two different colored eyes. 

They also neglected to tell me that she's very laid-back.  Or that she is very affectionate. Or that she would follow me everywhere.

If I had known these things ahead of time, I would have been more prepared.  I still would have rescued her, but I would have tried to find another foster home for her, instead of taking her to my house. 

Because I love dogs with two different colored eyes.  And I really love dogs that are laid-back and affectionate.  And dogs that are very well behaved, and never bark or chew or misbehave.  And dogs that love to cuddle.  And dogs that do great with every dog, cat, and child that they meet. 

So now I'm stuck with this dog who is everything I love about dogs.  And I'm getting more attached by the day.  And if she doesn't get adopted soon, I'm going to cry when she actually does get adopted.  And I never cry when my fosters get adopted. 

So this is bad.  I was prepared to rescue a deaf dog, but I was not prepared to rescue such an awesome dog.  It almost makes me wish she had some bad habits.  Almost. 


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! I can tell from her eyes she a sweetie. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Barb's Cats and Quilts said...

Sorry you had to take such a difficult dog. Tell potential adopters what I do - that he'd be a great pet if he just wouldn't pee on the bed. Works every time. And, you've always got Ziggy.

LP said...

What a sweetie! Gosh, we would be falling in love every other day if we fostered as many animals as you do!Did you end up adopting Kira?!

the critters in the cottage xo

acd6pack said...

She sounds wonderful, much like our deaf girl Azule who follows me everywhere and is a total love! It's okay to cry when a really awesome foster gets adopted, I did when the blind senior lab we fostered got adopted.

acd6pack said...

Uh oh, so what are you going to do? I know what I'd do...but, that's just me! Your description of affectionate, cuddly, laid back and non-destructive could have been describing our deaf girl Azule. So easy having a deaf dog too. Heck, what's one more?!

Dog Training said...

Love her eyes and oh. She looks good with that scarf.

Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie said...

Oooooh! She is GORGEOUS! I've always wanted to foster a deaf pittie... and white, deaf pittie with two different colored eyes?! You are doomed, my friend! ;)