Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ziggy and The Kong Contest

So I saw this contest online to submit a picture with your dog and their classic Kong toy, and they could win a Kong prize package.  I love Kong products - they are great at keeping the dogs busy, and I don't think I could have survived fostering Ziggy if he didn't have a steady supply of Kongs.  So I searched through all my pictures of Ziggy to see if I had any of him chewing on a Kong.  I couldn't find any, so I thought I'd just take a new picture.  No problem, right?  It started with me in the kitchen grabbing a stuffed Kong out of the freezer.  Ziggy looked on hopefully. 

Then I gave him the Kong and he ran to his favorite spot - the living room couch - to chew on it.  I tried a picture but it was too dark.  So I made the mistake of taking the Kong away in order to get Ziggy outside where there was better lighting. 

Ziggy immediately jumped up on me trying to get his Kong back.  I didn't drop the Kong, but sadly I dropped my camera instead.  My next picture of Ziggy came out like this:

After messing around with the camera settings for awhile, I finally got it working again, and was able to take a few more pictures.  Then I had to decide which one to submit into the contest. 

Option 1 - Scrunched-nose Ziggy
I like the way his nose is all wrinkled as he tries to shove his entire mouth into the Kong opening.

Option 2 - Eyes-Closed Enjoyment Ziggy
When Ziggy really enjoys something, he closes his eyes!

Option 3 - Don't Steal My Kong!
Did I mention that Ziggy has a problem with sharing?

In the end, I went with an old picture of Ziggy with his Kong Wobbler. 

While it may not make people want to adopt Ziggy (unless you like a dog demolition expert), it does accurately reflect who Ziggy is, and will hopefully help him win more Kongs to keep him busy and keep my floors safe! 

The contest ends on Sunday May 12th, so if you'd like, you can vote here.  Or adopt Ziggy here!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE love EVERY Picture of Ziggy... Hope he WINS...

JacksDad said...

Ziggy had 144 votes as of tonight, which is about 3 times as many as anyone else!!

Go Ziggy!!

WhatTheFaulkner said...

Yay Ziggy!!!

Anonymous said...

I just voted and now Ziggy has 153 votes. Hope he wins.

Blueberry's human said...

I hope Ziggy wins! I keep voting every day! The ultimate prize, would be a new home though, eh? ;)

acd6pack said...

I like the scrunched up nose picture, we see that at our house too. The one with the Wobbler is really good though. Good luck!

Phyllis said...


Ziggy looks adorable in every picture.

You do such a great job saving so many dogs. Thank you for all you do!