Friday, August 23, 2013

Leroy and Lulu

I currently have two new foster puppies. Leroy is a five-month-old Great Dane mix. He is scared of new things, and for some reason has a special fear of mops. Since I have a lot of fosters right now, I spend a lot of time walking around with a mop, which leads him to spend a lot of time chasing the mop and barking. But when he’s not chasing mops, he is very sweet.

"You're not hiding a mop behind your back, are you?"
 My other new foster puppy is a two-month-old pit bull mix named Lulu. She is deaf, and she loves to explore. She explores so well that I have trouble finding where she went, and since she’s deaf I can’t call her. I have to wait until she appears again from whatever fun spot she found to explore – like under the couch, or under the deck, or under the blankets. She is a tricky little explorer.

Lulu started off this morning as a nice clean white puppy.

Lulu before exploring

Then we went outside and she went exploring.

A very dirty Lulu after exploring
I introduced Leroy and Lulu to each other and both wanted to play together, but Leroy didn’t realize that he was just a little bit bigger than Lulu.

Can you see a giant dusty paw print on Lulu’s side? That’s from Leroy. There’s a slight size differential there.
"Did I do that?!"

Lulu and Leroy are both available for adoption and will hopefully find their forever homes very soon!


Diane McCornack said...

They are both super cute but I could eat LuLu with a spoon!!!

Rebekah said...

What cuties! That dusty paw print is hilarious!!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Lulu is so amazingly beautiful. I'm in love! And that paw print? Adorbs!

Lori Williamson said...

Leroy has grown so much! That picture of him with Lulu is adorable!!! I bet it's precious to watch them play together.
I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life as a foster mom.

Blueberry's human said...

Ahahahaha!!! Love that paw print on her side!! Gosh - he really is a bit bigger than her!

Have you thought about putting bells on Lulu so you can locate her? ;)