Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family Expo

There is a family expo coming to the St. Charles Convention Center this Saturday. ( As of yesterday, I officially volunteered to go and set up a booth for Heartland. I actually more like begged for the chance. :-) I am still new and inexperienced in the dog rescue world. Everytime I see a large group of people gathering, I think "wow, look at all those people who could help us save some dogs!". I fear it won't be long before I become jaded - or should I say pragmatic. Maybe not one person there tomorrow will want a dog, or be the right home for a dog, or even want to donate money to save a dog. But I hope if nothing else, I can teach a few kids how to interact safely with dogs, and maybe educate a few parents as well who already have pets at home.

While searching for handouts I could use to educate people about their pets, I came across a website ( It was started by two of my favorite authors - they wrote the book "Good Owners, Great Dogs" that is my favorite dog training book ever. I was glad to find articles on their website that they kindly gave me permission to give out at the expo on Saturday. As for the expo itself, I'm scared to death. Because it was such short notice, I haven't found anyone else to go with me - and this is kind of scary to do alone! If you don't know me in real life, I'm actually very shy and uncomfortable talking to people. But if it helps save a dog, I'll do it anyway. :-) However, the lady in charge of the expo did mention in an e-mail yesterday that if anyone backs out of the planned events on the main stage, she might ask me to go up and cover for them. I'm afraid that's asking too much of me, even to save dogs. If any of you reading this want to come help me out though, and always wanted to be a star - this could be your big chance! :-)

I'll be taking Selena to the expo with me on Saturday. I wonder if I can teach her how to "high five" the kids before then. Hmmmm...

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