Sunday, March 30, 2008

Introducing Sage

Koda was adopted at PetSmart yesterday. Actually it was a great day for adoptions, as three other puppies also found homes, as well as Daphne and Buddy! However, my husband is very sad about Koda. Even today he's walking around the house frowning and saying "we should have adopted her". I really miss her too, but I'm glad she has a new home that I think she'll be very happy with.

So last week at this time we had 5 dogs - our dog Remi, a previous foster Murphy(Coal) who we were dog sitting for, and foster dogs Hunter, Selena and Koda. Now only Remi and Selena are left. We thought Selena might be adopted, but the people who put in an application on her decided that she would be too active for life in a condo. So I'm actually glad she's sticking around for awhile - its hard enough to miss Koda without missing both of them at the same time! I've found the best thing for feeling better when missing one of my dogs is to save another one. So today we brought home Sage. She is a beautiful dog, no idea what kind she is, but I think she'll be adopted quickly. Here is a picture of her:

and here's one more...

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