Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy weekend ahead

It's been a pretty busy week. Monday night I took Lacy to visit some people who saw her at the Dardenne Prairie Days event last weekend, and see how she did with their dog. She did very well, and got along great with the other dog, but the family wasn't sure they were ready to make the commitment of having a second dog just yet. I'm glad they were willing to give it some thought, because the impulse decisions that people often make for something that will be a 10-20 year commitment is always scary. But I think this family decided they weren't ready for a second dog, so this weekend Lacy will be back at PetSmart, trying again to find a home.

I also received an application from someone interested in adopting Astro this week. They're coming to see him on Saturday, so hopefully Astro will be going home!

Yesterday I visited another foster mom and helped to take care of some of the dogs. I got to play with these adorable puppies - aren't they cute?! They're making their first trip up to PetSmart on Saturday. There are actually NINE of them, and they all look almost identical!
Tonight I'm going to help get ready for our Heartland garage sale on Saturday. I have a lot of donations to drop off and will hopefully gather a few more things from my house to add to the list. All the proceeds of the garage sale will go to support Heartland.
Saturday I will be at PetSmart all day, hopefully getting a few animals adopted, and then Sunday I'm going to the Walk for Diabetes in Forest Park to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. After that, I'm going apple picking, a family tradition, in Grafton, IL. It should be a fun weekend!

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