Monday, September 1, 2008

Gidget was adopted!

Gidget, and several other dogs and puppies, were all adopted at PetSmart this weekend. It was a great day for dog and cat adoptions! The best news of all is that two of Kiya's puppies were adopted! I was so worried about them ever finding homes. They're cute, but going to be such large dogs, and many people don't seem to want large dogs. This was their third or fourth trip to PetSmart and no one had ever been interested in them before this week, so getting two of them adopted is wonderful! I'm happy they will have their own families now. Only three of Kiya's puppies are left without homes. The other great news is because of all these adoptions, one of the other foster homes has room for Lacy now! So Lacy the basset hound will be saved!

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