Friday, February 5, 2010

Culprit Identified!!

Continued from A Detective Story - Part 1, and A Detective Story - Part 2...

Earlier this week, I posted about a crime that was committed in my living room.  An investigation took place, and finally yesterday came a break in the case.  I received this e-mail...

I was reading your detective blog and was wondering if there was a reward for turning in and conviction of the felon?

I was intrigued.  The e-mail came from a friend who is temporarily housing one of the suspects.  Did she have proof that the suspect she is housing was guilty?  I quickly offered a very large reward of $0.25 for any information leading to the identification of the suspect.  She went on to send the following:

I hate to be a rat but I caught Duke trying to eat my wall while I was watching TV. Luckily I heard him and caught him in the act.  I had to tell him twice to leave the wall alone. I know it will be circumstantial evidence but......if I were on a jury I would convict Duke.

Best regards,
Bev the snitch

Thank you Bev.  I know you will use the reward money wisely.  Perhaps you can put it into a fund for wall repairs. 

Now about the other suspects.  All survellience of the crime scene has been halted, and each suspect - I mean foster pet - is once again free to roam the house within the limits allowed.  As for Duke - well, I will be sure to warn anyone who wants to adopt him to watch him around walls.  And in the meantime, I think Bev's house is an excellent place for him to stay. 

Those of you who tried to blame the cats (I believe it was only dog visitors who did so) should now apologize to the cats.  Those of you who defended the cats or Ziggy have been vindicated!  Anyone who has some demolition they need done on a wall should contact Duke directly. 

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Tucker said...

I will not appologize to cats! They may not have put the hole in the wall but they did something else - they watched and didn't stop it! I've been sleepin'through, oops I mean watching, lots of crime shows on tv and I know that makes them an accessory. Therefore, they are just as guilty.

woof - Tucker

Bobby said...

I think you have got it all wrong it has to be that darned cat Merlin. Duke is innocent there are cat claw marks.

Kari in WeHo said...

drat, and I was so sure it was a cat!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Well, we didn't think it could be a cat, based on the scratches, but honestly we didn't really want to have it be any of the doggies either (maybe a rogue rodent or maybe a person trying to frame someone would have been good). But at least the mystery is solved, so you can try to prevent it from happening again.

And really - what do you all have on your walls that make them so tasty?

BerniceK said...

I could have sworn since I spent 5 hours with Ziggy chewing on my hands that one saturday a few weeks ago that he was the only culprit. Sorry Ziggy. I still love you!

kissa-bull said...

i think one of the cats framed him i just know it
they told him that inside the walls their was liver tweat and so he was looking for it without knowing he was being framed all along
poor poor duke
pibble sugars
the houston pittie pack

meowmeowmans said...

Good detective work!

Thank you for stopping by our blog, and for your nice note about Chyna the Cat's adoption. Thanks also for the great fostering work you are doing. :)

The folks at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

hero said...

Hmmm... same modus operandi, same target, same damage, the evidence couldn't be more clear than this... the culprit is finally identified. The cat has brainwash Duke to copycat the crime.

Licks, hero

Amanda said...

You have me in stitches! What fun to look at the "hilarious" amidst the undoubtedly frustrating. =) Love it!