Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing Emma

I brought this new foster dog home with me on Saturday.  She was adopted out as a puppy but her owners were unable to keep her so they brought her back to us.  She is under two years old, so she still acts like a puppy sometimes.  She pretty much has two speeds.  On or Off.

The only way to get her to stop running is to start petting her.  Then she immediately rolls onto her back and becomes practically comatose. 

I think I like this dog. 


Bobby said...

AH,Once Emma settles down she will be a fabulous dog. We have had them like that We just walk the legs off them or they ours, because when we get in we lay down and sleep. They do need a lot of time though, its hard to find families these days that have the time to give to energetic dogs.
I wish Emma all the best my paws are crossed for her.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Emma! She is a cutie!

It is too bad that she wasn't able to be kept by her owners - that always drives me nuts. But hopefully she will find a wonderful forever home soon!

Anonymous said...

love the slide show at the top! i don't think i've noticed it before! hmmm, gives me an idea!

Love that you've got Emma! Preciousness and boy does she know she's got a great foster home!

We are slowing creeping up to having a house full ... just like yours!!!! Everyone's just loving it though.

Are all yours on the same food or is it crazy? I've got mine just eating out of their own bowls but for 5 dogs and 2 cats - I have 5 different tubs of food. That's a little wacko.

Dog Foster Mom said...

Kat - the food is always crazy. My dogs are on one kind, the foster adult dogs are on a different kind, the foster puppies are on third kind, and the cats - well, the cats all share a variety of cat foods and sometimes a stray piece of dog food. Cats free feed and dogs get fed twice a day, and yes, we also have several tubs of food all labeled "Adult" or "Puppy" or "Cat" or "Kitten" or "Remi". Remi gets his own monogrammed dog bin. Noelle gets to eat Remi's food but doesn't get her name on the bin. She doesn't seem to mind as long as she gets to eat what is inside the bin!

Kari in WeHo said...

we know about two speeds. Mesa and BC are both built that way. Baily is a one speed dog

Tucker said...

Hi Emma!

I prefer the off speed.

woof - Tucker

brooke said...

We found your blog through Mango Minster.... coming to check out Remi!
Thought we'd say hi, and good luck to Remi!
And Emma is a total cutie! Hope she's able to find a new home soon!

hero said...

Looks like Emma is a character... I like her too. Did she get her first bath?... hehe.

Licks, hero

kissa-bull said...

ummm yeah i dont know anything about the on speed
just the slow motion speed
nice to meet you emma
pibble sugars

Ben said...

I think we are related. I love belly rubs and only have too speeds too.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

LOL ... yeah, we generally end up liking our foster dogs a little too much; we have yet to give one back.