Monday, May 14, 2012

Skittles the Micro Dog

A month ago, I received an inquiry on Skittles, my foster Papillon.  The inquiry came from Jen, a woman who lives in Louisiana.  Usually I don't consider out of state applications, because if the adoption doesn't work out and the adopter decides they don't want to bother getting the dog back to me, the dog ends up in a shelter somewhere very far away, and may not have a happy ending.  But every once in awhile I decide it is worth it to take a chance on an out of state adoption, and so far those adoptions have all worked out great.  In this case, Jen had an easy time convincing me to give her a shot.  Not only is she a professional dog trainer, but she also has family in my area and visits often, so she should be able to bring Skittles back to me without a problem if it became necessary.  The main reason that I agreed to her adopting Skittles, is because Jen competes in disc dog competitions around the country, and she was looking for a small dog to compete in a special category called "micro dogs".
Skittles the Micro Dog
It sounded so cool - I was fostering a micro dog!  Until that moment I never realized how much I wanted a micro dog - especially since I'd never heard of a micro dog until that moment.  But there I was - the proud foster parent of a future micro dog disc champion - and I was so excited for Skittles.  Of course, there is no guarantee that Skittles can actually become a disc dog, but I have high hopes.  Skittles is in many ways a typical Papillon.  According to Cesar's small dog breeds gallery, Papillons are intelligent, athletic, playful and energetic.  Skittles is all of those, and she loves to play with toys and is very food motivated.  I think she'll be much happier having a job to do than she would be just sitting around a house being a pet dog.  So a few weeks ago, Jen came up and met Skittles, and took her home on a trial adoption, to see if she can become the amazing micro dog champion that I imagine her to be.

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Pam said...

Maybe Coco would be a good disc dog too, with the way she can jump!