Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update on Noelle

I haven’t talked much about Noelle recently. She is my deaf, mascara-wearing, elevator-riding, coffee-table-standing, contest-winning, rough-n-tumble dog. Over a year ago, I uploaded a video of her to YouTube that generated disparaging remarks about lazy owners who don’t train their dogs. I have worked diligently since then to train Noelle, and a few weeks ago I made another video of her in the same situation to see if she has shown any improvement.

I am pleased to report that she seems much improved – her intonation is clear, her phrasing (breath between notes) is not as awkward, and the intensity she brings to her performance is brilliant. In my possibly biased opinion, I feel that a dog with Noelle’s vocal talent is rare, and that her training has really paid off over the past year. Wouldn’t you agree?


Cupcake said...

And the Grammy goes to..... Noelle!!
You have your own little Beethoven. Not that Beethoven sang but he did make beautiful music that he couldn't hear. Yes, congrats on the training, very well done!

Love, Cupcake

Bobby said...

Got to say she is a singer sorta like heart break hotel.
Keep trying, some people have no idea. The people who gave bad comments a year ago should be made to foster some of the dogs we get in.
If we get cute well behaved dogs all the time that would be great.
Licks Bobby

sp said...

holy cow that is amazing. it pierced straight through to my brain it hurt so good.

i had a foster once that sang a similar song and my downstairs neighbor was NOT pleased. i think her exact words were "it's KILLING me." i may or may not have been threatened with expulsion from my building that year :)

Casey Jones' Mom said...

I would say American Idol is out for her, at least this year. :> :> Any way her style is more for the Opera.

Blueberry's human said...

That is really...something. She does indeed have a remarkable talent! :)

Ashton Keenan said...

LOL as soon as the video started, i couldnt stop laughing. Shes so adorable! And her singing voice is a plus.:)

Abbie said...

Abbie and the four legs here thought it was beautiful. They gave their undivided attention complete with head cocks and lots of pacing to see where the noise was coming from. They give it 6 paws up!