Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Adoption Event

Today I attended my first adoption event at PetSmart. The Heartland volunteers go up to PetSmart every Saturday with dogs that need to find homes. Their dedication is amazing. I attended my first full adoption event, and tried to learn how everything worked. There were many more people at the store than I expected. A lot of people had questions about the dogs, and a few of the dogs even got adopted!

We brought home Dolly today. Actually I almost brought home a basset hound named Jesse instead. Jesse would not have made a good playmate for Remi, but she was having a hard time at the main dog foster mom’s house, and we thought she’d be much happier in a quieter home. I spent several hours planning on taking Jesse home, and enjoying petting her very long soft ears. However, then some people came in who decided to adopt Jesse, so once again I was back to fostering Dolly. Not that I minded! Dolly seems to be a very sweet, very good dog. She met Remi up at PetSmart and they got to play together to make sure they’d get along okay. They did GREAT together. I hope they get along this well at home.

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