Friday, October 12, 2007

Lost Dog!

I have heard of many people losing a dog, and occasionally have seen loose dogs wandering around, but now that I’m getting so much braver around dogs, I’ve actually rescued a lost dog! On my way home from work last night I saw a chocolate lab wandering down a busy street. He seemed unaware of the cars or the danger, so I pulled over. I asked some people nearby if he belonged to them, but they said no, and they thought he was lost because he’d been out there for awhile. I then proceeded to follow him around for 15 minutes since he had no interest in coming to me. Finally, since I was so close to home, I left him and went home and got some dog treats. When I got back to where I left him, he was still there, still playing in traffic! I coaxed him into my car with the dog treats and took him home. He had no tags, so we made a quick trip up to PetSmart to check for a micro-chip. It was registered to a vet clinic, but they were closed for the evening, so the lab got to spend the night in our garage. We did introduce him to Remi, and I was relieved that Remi did so well with him. I was a little worried about fostering dogs because I wasn’t sure how Remi would react to sharing his home with strange dogs. This morning, I called the vet clinic before work, and they got a hold of the dog’s owners. Apparently the dog (named Rocco) got away through a gate that was left open, and had left a very worried family behind. They were very happy to get him back. Lesson learned: If you have a pet, PLEASE make sure he has tags on with your phone number on them!