Sunday, January 20, 2008

Introducing Angel

I took Coal to the adoption event at PetSmart today. He was terrified, and tried to make himself invisible in his crate the entire time. He was very relieved to get back home where he felt safe. I felt so bad putting him through that, but I want him to find a forever home, and I feel like he’s doing well enough at my house now to start looking for that home.

Heartland recently got a beautiful golden-retriever named Angel. She’s a great dog, with no issues – she’s housebroken, and gets along with all people and all other animals. She was a stray, but she must have been someone’s pet, yet no one came forward to claim her. We’re sure she will get adopted by someone right away, so I talked my husband into letting me keep her at our house for a week. I’m sure she’ll be adopted by next Saturday, but if not, I’ll just have to talk him into letting her stay another week! She came home with me tonight, and is a beautiful, perfectly well behaved dog.

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